Georgia Periam has taken on a lead role within Brevity to coordinate the team’s productivity improvements.  Over the last two months the team have been preparing for the pilot, so that when the launch arrives (this week!) they hit the ground running. We spoke to Georgia about her role and what she’s excited about.

What did you think when you first heard about the 4DW?

I had only just started with Brevity and I was just like OH MY GOSH, this is so cool that we are even considering this. It’s something I had heard of through different media channels but never thought it would be a reality.

Part of my  thinking was that it would be near impossible to get five days of work done in four. I’m still nervous about it but after a lot of work I know we have some great processes in place to make it possible. It will take the whole team coming together to pull this off and make it success.

What have you learnt since you started working on the 4DW?

There have been lots of great online seminars about productivity which have been a highlight for me, learning new tips and tricks and the way other people do things is really interesting. I’ve always loved being organised and getting the most out of my time, so having a lead role in driving the productivity is perfect.

Have you started implementing the changes already?

Yes we have started to implement changes to the way we work and we are seeing productivity gains already. It gives us confidence that we really can do this! It’s also been exciting for us all to try different ways of doing things and learn new approaches. I think having the time set aside to consider how we work and how we can make it more productive has been a big part of implementing the change.

Do you think your approach will change much as the pilot continues

We will have to wait and find out! However I think being flexible in our approach and adapting to what is happening around us will be the most important aspect of the 4 day week. Ongoing learning is a big part of making this a success. We have made a great start in our preparation, but I’m sure there is still a lot of learning to come.

We will be having fortnightly check ins with the whole team to see what is working and what isn’t and to act on those discussions. We are looking forward to trying, failing, learning and trying again.

What does it do for employees?

A 4 day week gives people a chance to rest, catch up on life admin, be present in the moment with family and friends, and to do things that recharge them. I think the knock on effect for people’s mental health will be one of the most important benefits.

How do you think a four day week benefits the business?

I think it will have a huge impact. This trial is bringing the productivity discussion to the forefront of people’s minds and helping people make better choices about the work they do (and don’t do) . We have limited time so we have to prioritise and be conscious about what we choose to work on.

It brings everyone as a team together and it is a great incentive knowing that if we pull it off we will be rewarded with the ‘gift of the fifth’.

If you’d like to know more about the 4 Day Week at Brevity, please get in touch or follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates.