Sia Mosaferi grew up along the Persian Gulf of Iran and as a result, loves anything to do with the ocean. Arriving in New Zealand with his wife just over a decade ago, he had limited English and almost no contacts. He found himself as a lifeguard at many of Auckland’s most well known pools. However, it wasn't long before he found himself back studying with a passion.


Sia’s true calling is engineering. It’s a job he’s dreamed of doing for as long as he can remember, and one he’s very good at. In order to get his English up to standard, and to fully understand the New Zealand engineering environment, he embarked on a Masters Degree at the University of Auckland, completing it in Civil and Structural Engineering with Second Class Honours First Division.


Following his Masters, Sia spent almost a decade working as a structural engineer across a large range of projects throughout Aotearoa. Living in Hamilton, many of these projects were based around primary industries in the Waikato, particularly dairy. 


During his time as a structural engineer, a racking job arrived on Sia’s desk. No one in the company had experience with racking and so Sia got to work finding out as much as possible, reviewing published papers and understanding the practical aspects of racking. Soon, Sia was the expert everyone in the office came to when a racking question arose. It’s a great example of how Sia works, any challenge is handled with absolute commitment and attention to detail, qualities that are reflected in his day to day work.


However, when a role at Brevity came up, Sia jumped at the chance. “I loved the technical detail that was on the website. When I spoke to the company and learnt how Brevity approached their work, I was hooked!” he says. Two years in and Sia confirms that Brevity has been a great fit. “I love the team, everyone is so engaged with the work and dedicated to giving our clients the best options.” Sia hit the ground running at Brevity, putting his racking knowledge and structural experience to good use. 


In addition to meeting clients, getting out on site is key for Sia. In his early days, Sia was mostly involved in the design stage, but as soon as he began getting on site his learning took off. Sia credits many of his best designs to the advice of the contractors and subcontractors he worked with. If I don’t know a solution, I ask the people who work on it everyday. Often they have a great idea that makes the construction much more practical. I run the numbers and say ‘yes, that works’.


Currently Sia is involved in designing and detailing the timber secondary supports for the Auckland International Transport Hub and the Lorne Street Student Accommodation apartments, and loving the challenge of providing the best possible designs for his clients.


If you have any type of racking project and would like to discuss it with Sia and the rest of the team, please reach out to us via the Brevity website. We look forward to chatting with you!