At first glance, transitioning from photography to the delivery lead for an engineering company might seem like a leap. But for Georgia Periam, the transition has been seamless. The study of photography offered Georgia the perfect pairing of technical skill and creative output. This combination, she describes, is actually very similar to engineering.

Following a degree from Whitecliffe School of Arts and Design, Georgia was offered a role at a production studio, where she had already made her mark as an intern whilst studying. While her initial foray into the industry involved the glamour of TV and filming clients who were household names, it was the account management skills that laid the foundation for her role at Brevity.

More similarities than you’d think

Georgia describes the parallels between project management for photography and engineering as surprisingly similar. Both require a deep understanding of client needs, meticulous planning, and a knack for turning creative visions into reality. It’s this fusion of technical skill and creativity that drew her to both fields, but it is her organisational skills and determination that really set her apart. As she says, “You don’t need to be an expert in the industry, you just need to know how to get things done.”

Georgia supplemented her on-the-job learning with a Project Management qualification which cemented her existing knowledge. However, she believes there is no substitute for experience. She explains that, “while project management tends to focus on how to manage the many moving parts of one large project, the reality of interiors is that there are many small projects that have a quick turn around, and so managing them has a different approach.” Embracing the company’s agile work approach, Georgia has successfully combined a range of working practices to fine tune project management for interior engineering.

The four day working week

At Brevity, Georgia found herself at the forefront of a culture that values innovation and efficiency. Not long into her career at Brevity, she was given a pivotal role in implementing a trial for a 4-day work week. The staff were asked to lead the trial and Georgia instantly stood out for her leadership and ability to make things happen. Through collaborative brainstorming and creative problem-solving, Georgia and her colleagues discovered new ways of working which led to improvements in productivity.

A number of these innovations have remained, such as the Power Hour, which happens everyday at 9am allowing all staff to focus on work that needs a quiet environment. This culture of experimentation is one of the things Georgia most loves about Brevity. “We are encouraged to think about doing things differently, to make suggestions, try them out, and it is totally fine if they fail. There’s recognition that learning comes from failing.”

Client’s first

Passionate about putting her clients first, Georgia ensures all innovation centres around making life better for Brevity’s clients. Recognising the time saved by being more efficient in her day-to-day tasks, she emphasises that this allows her to focus more on client interactions. She elaborates, stating, “Having a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements and the impact on their business enables me to guide the engineering team in prioritising their needs when approaching projects.” The biggest reward for Georgia is knowing that she had made a difference. A client recently praised Georgia and her team as “the best company in the world to work with” due to their quick response time and expertise, demonstrating that her client focus is greatly appreciated!

Team work makes the dream work

Georgia is very much a people person, and in addition to the satisfaction she gains from her client interactions, she also enjoys working with her team of engineers. While she laughs and says that engineers are very different from photographers, she really enjoys what each of them bring to the team. It’s the combination of different personalities and different strengths that makes us amazing as a team, along with a culture of being there for each other. Georgia points to a project that was due recently. The timeframes were tight for the Tauranga Civic Whare, Exhibition & Museum and it came down to a Friday afternoon deadline. Every member of the team jumped in as the weekend approached to make sure the project was over the line and delivered to the client. Georgia says she loves the way the team has everyone else’s back.


Georgia Periam - Vietnam

Travel Adventures

Recently Georgia and her partner embarked on a travel adventure through Southeast Asia. Georgia fondly recalls their favourite destination, Hội An in Vietnam, where they immersed themselves in the bustling night markets and explored the city on quadbikes. Since returning home and settling into their newly purchased home, Georgia and her partner have embraced biking as a shared hobby. While they may not have Vietnamese-style quadbikes, they take pride in their electric bikes. You can often spot them cruising around the Hibiscus Coast on weekends, whether they’re heading to the market, the estuary, or their favourite pub. 

Looking ahead, Georgia remains committed to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations in her role at Brevity. With her leadership and passion for excellence, she continues to inspire her team to embrace creativity, efficiency, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Watch this space, as there is plenty of this to come!