With fresh faces and new perspectives, the Brevity Leadership team is set to shake up engineering consultancy as we know it.

Georgia Periam and Gye Simkin have joined Matt Bishop and Irina Cherkasova on the Brevity Leadership team.  Georgia (Delivery Lead) and Gye (Senior Engineer) are no strangers to the business and arrive to the leadership team buzzing with ideas, energy and purpose.


“It’s a great time to step up into a leadership position,” says Georgia. As an organisation, Brevity is focussed on speed of delivery and client service. In her role, Georgia speaks to clients on a daily basis and is in an excellent position to identify ways that Brevity can improve the client experience. In 2022 Georgia was instrumental in leading the team through the Four Day Work Week pilot, successfully putting many of the productivity ideas proposed by the team into place. In her new leadership position Georgia is empowered to gather ideas from the team and feedback from clients, to implement changes that ultimately improve client experience.


As Brevity’s large projects engineer, Gye leads large projects within the organisation and ensures clients get the results they expect. Stepping into the Leadership team is an exciting proposition for Gye. “I’m now thinking about my work from an organisational perspective. Our vision is to make life more simple for our clients by communicating well and turning jobs around quickly. I’m ensuring the team are set up to deliver to this vision.”


Gye says the organisation has worked hard on optimising their internal processes, improving workflows, putting effective systems in place and developing a culture of innovation. Now, under the new brand of Brevity, the organisation is leveraging this work to deliver clients the best solution, in the shortest time, for the best price.


Gye believes the dynamic in the team is exceptional. “I can’t wait to talk to the team each day, to hear their ideas and share my thoughts. Since we began the four day work week, we’ve become really focused on the quality of our work, and how to be as productive as possible. As a result, innovation has skyrocketed, and every week we are building on what we’ve learnt.”


Georgia agrees. She also believes the diversity within the group adds to the positive environment and the team’s ability to be creative. “Everyone has different backgrounds, different experiences and different strengths. We celebrate our diversity and use it to drive creativity in our approaches.”


In the appointment of both an engineer and a client facing manager to the leadership team, Matt Bishop is looking to both the engineering solution and the client experience. Georgia and Gye love working together, along with the rest of the leadership team, bringing their ideas to life to ensure that Brevity offers the best product and ultimate client experience in the market.


If you’re wondering what this might look like, visit the TeamBrevity website and try it yourself.