“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

- Charles Darwin

Time is a fixed quantity, but the value we create with the time we have is not. Throughout time, technology and social advances have allowed us to get more done, freeing us to individually and collectively learn, grow, and contribute more in the time we have.  While the opportunities provided by technology are exciting, the speed of change has never been faster; like a train pulling out of the station, it gets harder and harder to keep up. But unless you take a risk and leap, the train will gather speed and at some point it will be travelling too fast to catch.

Choosing the moment to jump is crucial.

For the last few years, as an organisation, we’ve been in training – speeding up so at the moment we were travelling fast enough – we could make our move.

Today, we have taken the leap.

The continuous improvements in the way we think, act and operate have led to a pivotal moment for our organisation, and a change which is reflected in a new identity.

Our name

Brevity represents not just an evolution of the word form BVT, but also in our vision. The Oxford dictionary defines Brevity as concise and exact use of words in writing or speech and the shortness of time.

We place high value on time, and therefore strive to work as efficiently as possible. We distil our work process to its simplest and most effective form, allowing our clients to experience a concise and exact solution to their brief. And allowing our team to make the most of the day.

Our colours

The rainbow of colours in the Brevity brand identity represents the diversity of our team, our approaches and the challenges inherent in the sector we aim to serve. We have purposefully chosen a colour palette that is different to the typical colours seen in construction, as we continue to seek out new ways of doing things. Our inclusiveness is key to finding new ideas, leading to the creative and innovative changes required to continuously deliver more to our clients.

Our Team

An increased use of technology does not remove people from the processes, in fact they are more important than ever. Improved efficiency in our work has created more space for our team to have meaningful conversations with clients. Better communication results in a deeper understanding of client’s needs, which in turn leads to a more concise interpretation and delivery of services. When we’re not buried behind screens, we have more time to get on-site and more time to be human.

Our website

While the services Brevity offers remain the same, the way they are offered has changed. As an engineering consultancy specialising in interior seismic design, we continue to provide engineering designs for ceilings, partitions, services and racking, along with construction monitoring. We also help our clients navigate the complex regulatory environments they operate in.

What is different, is the simplicity and speed with which this happens for our clients. The Brevity website is a tool to get work done, from briefing new jobs to booking inspections and more. These forms go directly to a monitored inbox, where each enquiry is tracked with a strict target to respond within 24 hours. We know you’re busy, so let’s get straight to it. How can we help you today?

Exploring new ways of working

“It is in our nature to explore, to reach out into the unknown. The only true failure would be not to explore at all.” – Ernest Shackleton

We invite you to explore our new website and try engaging with us in a new way – brief your next job using our portal, experience the simplicity of the process, the value of meaningful conversations and the fast turnaround of your job. Find the briefing portal on the Brevity home page.