In the midst of a dynamic work culture, Brevity is at the forefront of change, introducing a productive and purposeful four-day work week. This shift isn't just about work hours; it's about making a substantial impact. 

Back In June 2023, we commenced a second 6-month Four Day work week trial. For us, the shift towards a 4DWW isn’t just about optimising work-life balance; it’s about fostering a culture of giving back through volunteering and charity work.

Social responsibility is a Brevity value

The concept of a shorter work week has been gaining momentum in recent years, with companies recognising the potential to enhance employee satisfaction, boost productivity, and reduce burnout. Brevity has taken this idea a step further by integrating a unique philanthropic component into our work schedule.

Under the four-day work week policy, each team member is required to allocate one gift day per quarter to participate in volunteering or charity activities. The team were involved in discussions about how the 4DWW would work from the beginning, and this was one aspect everyone was on-board with and very keen to take part in. This innovative approach aligns with the company’s values, reflecting employees’ willingness to make a positive impact in their communities while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It’s a reminder that our work can be more than just productive—it can be purposeful.

It’s not about policy, it’s about culture

We’re not just providing time off; we’re fostering a culture where our team can align with causes that they are passionate about and drive real change. Our policy acknowledges that a dedicated Gift Day for giving back can reignite inspiration and purpose, establishing a profound connection between employees and the company’s mission. It’s a policy the team have helped create and are fully supportive of.

In August our collaboration took us to the Fair Food Trust, an organization with the motto “Addressing Hunger. Tackling Food Waste.” This resonated deeply with us, echoing the values that fuel our own mission. The Auckland team helped to sort food for families in needs, but what truly impressed us was seeing the positive impact of our contribution in tangible numbers:

  • Our team joined hands to sort 3,741 kilos of fresh produce.
  • This selfless effort translated into feeding our community with 10,689 nourishing meals.
  • By working together, we helped protect Papatuanuku by reducing carbon emissions by an impressive 9.9 tonnes.
More than numbers

These numbers, far from just digits aligned to statistics, illustrate the power of our collective action. They affirm that every gesture, no matter how small, can create an enduring positive impact.

We’re not just transforming our work culture; we’re shaping a future where values, purpose, and philanthropy converge harmoniously.

Thank you for being a part of this transformative path. Together, we are shaping a world where our actions ignite waves of positive change.