You’ve seen the Bunnings ads, and now you’ll find the same promise at Brevity. Our new pricing policy means that if we’re not already the most competitive proposal on a project, send us the competitor’s quote for an equivalent scope of works and we will beat that quote by 15% guaranteed. Being able to offer this industry-leading pricing policy is the end result of considerable behind the scenes work.

How Digitisation, Automation and Tools create productivity

We can offer the most competitive pricing in the market because we have developed working practices and tools that make us significantly more productive.

For example, we’ve taken engineering methods, such as engineering equations traditionally held in the engineers’ head or on a spreadsheet, and digitised them into reusable python algorithms. This reduces engineering time, and increases the reuse of previous works.

It’s not limited to the engineering by any means. There was just as much, if not more productivity gains realised in our scoping, quoting, project management and communications systems. We are fully cloud based, with considerable automations running between our different functions. Our time from project acceptance by client to task allocation to an engineer is now measured in minutes.

And sometimes the solutions have come from unexpected places. For example, after considerable research we’ve found that one of the best smartphone inspection tools is Google Slides. With offline capability, camera capture and easy file sharing and storage, a simple Google Slides template enables us to get construction monitoring reports back to clients, sometimes even before we’ve left site.

A Culture to Embrace Change

And it doesn’t stop at the tools and technology either! One of the largest untapped productivity gains is in the latent ability of your team.

Introducing the Four Day Week (read about our pilot here) has created a strong culture of improving productivity within our team. The concept of a Four Day Week is that five days of work is completed in four days through each person being more effective in what they do. As a result, our team has become practised in finding productivity gains and continue to do this. The environment we work in supports people to try new things – if they don’t work, that’s fine, but if they do we roll it out quickly.

The diversity hiring we’ve actively sought over the last few years has also been a contributor to the environment we’ve built supporting innovation and change. Through a more diverse workforce, the ideas shared come from a greater range of experiences, world views and approaches, and as such are richer and more varied.

The productivity improvements haven’t been created overnight, but are the result of continually challenging the way we think, the tools we use and the way we work together. We’re proud to be able to offer the Brevity Best Price Guarantee as a result of this mahi, and look forward to sharing our new way of working with you.

Find out for yourself

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